Battle of the Smoothie

Looking for a unique team building program that’s fun, will WOW your staff and promote healthy living? Our team of fun-loving and professional culinary experts will guide your team in this memorable, interactive juice- and smoothie-making challenge.

For this custom program, teams will not only create some tasty smoothies, but they’ll also learn all about the health benefits of specific fruits, veggies and other natural ingredients. Teams will also engage in some mental and/or physical challenges to earn ingredients. Not only will teams be responsible for creating delicious smoothies, they will also need to conceptualize and design a brand that will be marketed to the judges. Teams will train their presentation skills by presenting their new smoothie recipe in the form of a 30-60 second commercial along with their creative brand name. The judges consisted of another members of your team will vote based on the best use of ingredients, taste, creativity, and teamwork. In the end, everyone wins this game.

Healthy Day Workshop

Healthy eating becomes a popular trend with a reason simply because it can have a huge impact on how people feel during the day and the work they achieve. Your work environment can influence staff’s eating habits and some top tips can support staff to make healthier choices. That’s why we created our Healthy Day Workshop.

So, Ready for 90 minutes of healthy fun? Let's mix it! In groups of 5 people you join one of the happy tables where the professional blender, apron and ingredients are waiting for you and all under the supervision of our smoothie experts. In this workshop you will learn how to make nice and healthy smoothies and explore the wonderful world of fruits and smoothies!

Smoothie Party

Instead of hosting a traditional party with outdated tricks, consider having the Smoothie Party for your company anniversary, employee birthday or simply out of a wish to boost some energy among your staff.

Equipped with professional blenders and high-quality sound generators, our smoothie experts and a DJ will dismantle the predictable and boring atmosphere within your team. This entertaining and morale boosting experience will make your employees get in love with their company and surely with their supervisor for organizing such a healthy and funny event for them. The team will have opportunity to enjoy a variety of fully natural non-alcoholic juices and smoothies with a good sound in the back. It’s a great potential to build common trust among team members.

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